Do you have spare or under preforming capital to Invest?

Appleton Asset Management (AAM) forms strong relationships with people who are not satisfied with the current returns they are receiving from low yielding investments or bank interest, and are looking to maximise their potential through alternative approaches.   

Do you want earn excellent and reliable returns?

Appleton Asset Management offers substantially higher and constantly reliable returns than many investors are likely to achieve through other asset classes and vehicles.   

Partner with Us

Appleton Asset Management typically brings investors on a Joint Venture basis looking to acquire and build a portfolio of high yielding properties with us as well as on a guaranteed fixed return equity loan basis, which varies depending on risk profile and security provided.

We maximise returns for investors working with us by transforming run down buildings into top quality, high yielding residential housing, usually in the form of Houses of Multiple Occupation or flats, as well as spotting opportunities typically missed by many other investment companies through our specialist knowledge, experience and expertise within the residential property investment industry.    

Investors working with Appleton Asset Management can step into the highly complex world of residential property investment where we offer our investors the unique and rare ability to tap into and learn from our experience, knowledge, and contacts, especially if they wish to invest again in the future without using us in a different area.   

Investment periods vary from six months to several years depending on the project and wishes of the investor. Interest can be paid monthly, annually or as a rolled-up sum at the end of the investment period.  

Investors looking to form a Joint Venture Partnership benefit from the ability to learn from Appleton Asset Management and understand the pitfalls of investing and developing residential property.   

If you are looking to achieve higher returns on your money, learn more about investing in residential property or wish to joint venture with us then please get in touch today and see how we can help you grow your wealth and knowledge.  

Why Invest with Appleton Asset Management?

Earn Excellent Returns


Investors working with Appleton Asset Management benefit from excellent returns on their money which are fixed and guaranteed and hard to beat through other investment vehicles.   

Property Ownership


Investors benefit from ownership in a property asset in which significant equity is created through the refurbishment and  adding value where they or others might not be able to see it due to experience and creativity.   

AAM Does the Hard Work


For many Investors Appleton Asset Management offers a ‘Set and Forget’ Investment Model.

In Depth Industry Knowledge


Investors buy into Appleton Asset Management’s knowledge, experience and in-depth understanding of the residential property market in the West Midlands.

Hardworking and Passionate


If Investors wish to Joint Venture with Appleton Asset Management (AAM), they have complete confidence knowing AAM is also locked into the property as a 50% partnership and thus incentivised to generate the best returns and won't just forget about the investment property.   

5 Years of Experience


Investors benefit from Appleton Asset Management’s time, experience and contacts which have taken years to build up allowing investors to fast track, potentially by years!  

Regular Communication


Investors enjoy regular communication from Appleton Asset Management such as email updates, shared dropbox folders with photos of the progress of each development as well as site visits so they can see what their money is being used for!   

Proven Track Record


Appleton Asset Management has a proven track record of proven deliverability with a large portfolio to show for it (See our Current Projects page to find out more).        

Long Term Relationships


Investors value our take on long term relationships with partners and this isn’t a onetime thing.   

Learn From AAM


Investors get to learn from our mistakes and fast track through years of hard work by working with us.   

Sit back and Enjoy


We do all the hard work and investors reap the benefits!   

Freedom and Security


Simply, we offer freedom and Security to our investors.  

How investing with AAM works

Watch this video from  Miles Pattison-Appleton, AAM Investment Director, to see how investing with AAM works.

We find suitable properties which meet our strict criteria and convert them into highly desirable shared housing known as HMOs, for young professionals, finished to the highest specification and interior design enabling us to attract higher rents and always be ahead of other competition.    

We provide the expertise and experience and do all of the work from finding the properties, converting them and filling them (through our innovative online letting agency Relocation PA) and the investor provides the funds needed to purchase and refurbish the property. The investor gets paid a high percentage return on the monies loaned which is fixed and guaranteed for the whole of the agreed term.  

See What Other Investors have to say about Investing with Us

Harry – London

  'Appleton Asset Management has been a great investment for my capital, achieving a high return and having the opportunity to learn more about the Real Estate market.
I would highly recommend investing in Appleton Asset Management and allowing your capital to grow quickly and managed professionally.' 

Gwenda – Hereford

  'I decided to invest with Appleton Asset Management due to wanting a much better return on my money which was sitting in the bank making a very small interest each year. Now I can now confidently say this was the best decision I made for my finances and I am more than pleased by the income I now receive each month which is what I received in a year before. They were outstanding professional and helpful with answering all of my initial hesitations through a friendly and accessible approach and I am extremely impressed with the whole thing. I could not more highly recommend investing any spare money someone might have into Appleton Asset Management as it will no doubt be as beneficial as it was for me.   

David – Suffolk

  'Although my existing investments were giving a good return, Appleton Asset Management has been able to offer a very attractive rate of interest and the loan is secured against their properties.  Having viewed the property in which my money was used, I was greatly impressed by the quality of the refurbishment and conversion which, coupled to their approach to business, I am confident provides a very sound basis for any investment.'  

Juliet – Norwich

  ‘My mother was keen to start passing on some inheritance monies and by investing with Appleton Asset Management which has given me a great monthly income whilst also guaranteeing the original loan, which is secured against their properties, repayable in 10 years' time.’ 

Josh – London

  'Investing with Appleton Asset Management has been very worthwhile for me, offering exceptional returns for minimal risk. Miles is very easy to get hold of and willing to answer any questions. A very clean process which has been painless the whole way through from documentation to payment structure. Flexibility, security, returns, and transparency are unmatched a very personal experience which leaves you with the feeling your investment is in the very safe hands.'

Mimi - Market Harborough


'Congratulations on finishing this project, I think Miles has done an amazing job and it was so lovely to be kept in the loop on progress with his reports, photographs and video’s. For me this made investing in this project more than just a financial transaction and am thankful for the opportunity.' 

Compliance with the FCA

Unfortunately, due to financial legislation and regulation, Appleton Asset Management can’t work with everybody who might wish to invest with us. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) sets strict guidance on the people we can offer investments too.   

We cater for a broad range of investors from every different walk of life, nationally and internationally. Under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) PS13/3, if you wish to invest with us, we can only work with people who meet the PS13/3 requirements of being high net worth individuals or sophisticated investors. Under PS13/3 we can also work with friends and family members.   

High Net Worth Individual  

High Net Worth Individuals are retail clients meeting the criteria for categorisation as high net worth individuals under any of the high net worth investor exemptions in the PCIS Order, the FPO or in our rules. Among the criteria are having an annual income of more than £100,000 or having investable net assets of more than £250,000 excluding their own home.   

Sophisticated Investors

Sophisticated Investors are retail clients with extensive investment experience and knowledge of complex instruments, who are better able to understand and evaluate the risks and potential rewards of unusual, complex and/or illiquid investments such as NMPIs. Sophisticated investors have needed to have made a minimum of two unsecured investments prior to this one to be classed as a sophisticated investor.   

If you meet the criteria under the FCA PS13/3 then we will get you solicited from an independent advisor or you can download a self-certification form Here and scan it back to us.   

  NB: We are not financial advisors and you must seek proper financial advice from a qualified IFA. We only advise on what we would do and this is how we do it. That doesn’t mean it is right or wrong but from experience if it’s the most profitable and secure way of investing. Appleton Asset Management is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The information in this message (which has not been issued by, and whose contents have not been approved by, an authorised person of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) is directed only at investment professionals as defined in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 and persons falling within the exemptions set out in that order. It should not be distributed to any other person(s).

The information presented has not been independently verified and has been prepared by Appleton Asset Management for illustration and information only.

Potential investors in any investment scheme should seek independent professional advice and consult the information memorandum or other documentation for the full description of the investment or business being undertaken and pay particular attention to the sections relating to risk